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Welcome to our Website

Behlog New WebsiteWe are very proud to present the new website.  Bookmark us as your first stop for finding the best products delivered directly to your door. Our website will be updated with specials and product sheets so you will always know what is in stock. We also offer the FreshPRESS Market Trends report so you can stay updated to industry news.


                        TRINITY VALLEY

We are a fourth generation family farm once owned by Otis and Hazel Young, then to Otis and Kathy Young, transitioned in 1987 to Ken and Sue Poole and currently with the addition of Derek Poole, and Branden, Rebekah and Landen Brown. Sunset Young Farm lies in the beautiful valley of East Homer. We feel there’s no better place to raise a family. Together we are excited to bring to this area our new venture, Trinity Valley, where we will offer you our fresh milk and much more.

Our cows are cared for by dedicated family and employees. They are allowed to graze on grassy green pastures from April until November and during the winter months fed home grown corn and hay. No growth hormones are given to our cows. We work hard to keep our cows clean, healthy and comfortable.  

 Milk “Nature’s most perfect food”, will be pasteurized here at Trinity Valley, but not homogenized. Non- homogenized and low temperature pasteurized milk is the most natural way to process a healthy, wholesome and tasty product while still meeting FDA guidelines.

Homogenization breaks the fat molecules apart into small particles that easily slip into the blood stream before the body has time to absorb the important nutrients.  For that reason, we at Trinity Valley will be producing "cream-line", non-homogenized milk.  Non-homogenized milk leaves the butterfat molecules in their natural state.  This allows them to transport important nutrients, such as Vitamins A and D and CLA, to the body's digestive system.  CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is an antioxidant shown to offer protection against breast cancer in women.

Our low-temperature pasteurization ensures safety in drinking while not destroying important enzymes needed for digestion.  When pasteurizing milk at a lower temperature for a longer time it allows the enzyme lactase to stay intact.  Without the enzyme lactase, milk is very difficult to digest.

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